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Development of a chimeric model to study and manipulate human microglia in vivo

Hasselmann et al., 2019. Neuron.

View the article here or download a preprint of the article here

In this article, Hasselmann et al. generated a model of human iPSC-derived microglia transplanted into the mouse brain. These xenotransplanted microglia (xMG) acquire a transcriptomic signature resembling that of in vivo human microglia and are capable of responding to a variety of insults, including LPS and amyloid pathology.

Bulk RNA-seq: xMG response to different environments and LPS treatment

This dataset contains the comparisons of three xMG cell lines compared to microglia and iMGLs in multiple maintenance environments. Also included is a comparison of the effects of in vivo vs in vitro LPS treatment.

scRNA-seq: xMG response to amyloid pathology in the 5X-MITRG mouse

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