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Gene expression changes induced by short-term microglial elimination and repopulation cycles

Experimental Design:

2 month old male wild-type mice treated with PLX3397 (600 ppm; Microglia depleted) for 7 days, followed by drug withdrawal for 7 days (1st Repopulation). Two further cycles of PLX3397 (600 ppm) treatment for 7 days, followed by drug withdrawal for a further 7 days also included (2nn Repopulation, and 3rd Repopulation groups), as shown in the figure underneath. RNA extracted from whole brains.

Microglia are robustly depleted with the first treatment (~99% reduction in numbers). 7 days of drug withdrawal (1st Repopulation) results in robust repopulation, and an overshoot in microglial numbers/densities. Subsequent PLX3397 treatment robustly eliminates these repopulated microglia, however repopulation no longer occurs following subsequent drug withdrawal (2nd and 3rd Repopulations), showing a finite capacity for rapid repopulation in the adult brain.

These data allow exploration of the effects of CSF1R inhibition/microglial depletion on gene expression in the brain, and the gene expression profile of the successfully repopulated (1st Repopulation group) and failed repopulated (2nd and 3rd Repopulation groups) brains.

Use the search box to the left to display raw expression data for any gene, expressed as RPKM (Reads Per Kilobase of transcript per Million mapped reads). Individual data points, as well as means and standard errors are displayed.

This dataset accompanies the manuscript "A limited capacity for microglial repopulation in the adult brain".

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