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Gene Expression changes in CSF1R+/- cortex, with and without treatment for 2 months with CSF1R inhibitors

Experimental Design:

6 month old wild-type or CSF1R+/- mice were treated for 2 months with the selective CSF1R inhibitors PLX5622 at 150 pm in chow. This dose eliminates ~20% of microglia. At 8 months of age all mice were sacrificed, cortices microdissected, RNA extracted, and subjected to bulk tissue RNA-seq.

Use the search box to the left to display raw expression data for any gene, expressed as RPKM (Reads Per Kilobase of transcript per Million mapped reads). Individual data points, as well as means and standard errors are displayed.

This dataset accompanies the manuscript "CSF1R signaling both perturbs and rescues microglial phenotypes and associated presynaptic damage".

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