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Gene expression in brain extracted microglia and "alternatively" repopulated myeloid cells following systemic LPS administration

Experimental Design:

8 week old wild-type mice were treated with PLX3397 (600 ppm in chow) for 14 days to fully deplete the brain of myeloid cells. Withdrawal of the drug then stimulates "alternative" repopulation, filling the brain with a novel myeloid cell type, which occurs in a "wave" originating from the subventricular zone of the caudate putamen. 28 days later, mice were administered LPS (IP; 0.33 mg/kg), and then sacrificed 6, and 24 hours later. Myeloid cells were then extracted via FACS, RNA extracted, and RNA-seq performed.

These results allow for an exploration of 1) microglia responses to LPS at 6 and 24 hours, 2) basal comparison of microglial expressed genes to "alternative" repopulated myeloid cells, and 3) a comparison of the response of microglia and "alternative" repopulated myeloid cells` response to LPS.

Use the search box to the left to display raw expression data for any gene, expressed as RPKM (Reads Per Kilobase of transcript per Million mapped reads). Individual data points, as well as means and standard errors are displayed.

This dataset accompanies the manuscript "Complete microglial elimination stimulates full reconstitution of the adult brain with distinct myeloid cells of meningeal origin, in a wave that spreads from the SVZ".

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