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Effects of 6 months microglial depletion in wild-type and 5xfAD mice
1.5 month old wild-type and 5xfAD mice treated until 7 months of age with 1200 ppm PLX5622 (in chow).
Brains microdissected into cortices, hippocampus, and thalamus+striatum.
This dataset accompanies the manuscript "Microglia are necessary for plaque formation and neuronal gene expression changes in Alzheimer’s disease mice".

Effects of repeated microglial depletion and repopulation cycles
2 month old mice treated with 600 ppm PLX3397 for 7 days (98% elimination of microglia), then drug withdrawn for 7 days to stimulate repopulation, repeated for 2, and 3, cycles.
From whole brains homogenates.
This dataset accompanies the manuscript "Microglial renewal capacity in the adult brain".